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Two years.
Fourteen thousand miles.
Four girls.
And two hundred and fifty interviews.
This is our story.

Be You Be Sure was birthed on a beach in Costa Rica. Two friends, wildly curious, and wildy confused about the state of the world, sat asking real questions. Is the government working for us? Is our species really in danger? Are we just going to get cushy jobs and pretend everything’s ok? Or are we going to try and do something about it? At that moment we decided to abandon our linkedin profiles and go explore the America we still knew almost nothing about, we went looking for you, and on the journey, we found ourselves.

That was 3 years ago. And the road was a totally insane. We’d need many more hours of your time to tell you all that happened, all the lessons learned and don’t worry, we’re writing a book to tell you all about it. Like the one time I went to unload the septic tank and a rat  jumped out in my face. Or the time I was driving that RV solo, and it caught on fire, in the middle of the highway in California. I could tell you about how P Diddy’s team invited us to collaborate on a book and TV show. How Khloe Kardashian gave us 50k in publicity. Or that one time I talked to the guy behind me in a coffee shop in LA that turned out to be a 9 time emmy winning writer of Homeland and 24.

Those are just the perks of the energy you put out when you’re fully embracing who you are. We interviewed two hundred and fifty of you. You opened your hearts, and your visions to us. And it confirmed what we knew deep down, that together, we can clean up the mess so we can basque in the beauty that is all ready us. The children of the future? Well, we realized we had become adults, and it was time to take action.

This platform was built on the idea that we had to change the world, and now we realized that to do that, means we all need to find our voice. And to do that, it required deep inquiry. And this platform exists now to encourage all of us, young and old, to keep asking questions. To stay curious. Remain humble. Lean into vulnerability. Unravel our conditionings. Define our own values. Set intentions. And live life from our highest truth.

This platform is here to encourage the real work.

Symbols to keep you going.

If we are going to walk into a brighter future, this is the work that matters most. The work each of us does on ourselves, because we’ve seen that those who do, can’t help but to help others. Because after you’ve helped yourself, there’s so much more to give. This platform, this brand, and everything else we want to make are mere symbols. Green lights that shout “keep going”. To all those unsure, keep going! Keep building self-trust. Get weird, stay weird, make the life you will love. Don’t stop and don’t listen to the doubters. First we believed, and now we know, that each one of us has the answers to our deepest questions inside us. This platform won’t claim to answer your questions. But will be a space for you to dive deep and learn to sit with them. We’re stoked you found us. Let’s do this.

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